The Bentley Effect screenings help pay back its contributors and keep the project rolling out to everywhere it is needed. Look for a screening near you. If there isn't one then think about

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After a sell out screening in Nambour recently the organisers were thrilled to see 37 new faces that were unknown to them and half of those signed up to become local campaigners in the Stop Adani movement.


He said "Thank you so much for your remarkable film Brendan. There was a rousing, passionate applause at the end of credits, I always think it a sign of a good film when everyone watches the credits."


Always great to hear that - especially people getting activated. It has worked really well as a focal point for galvanising local campaigns and building capacity etc. 

As a result of a Bentley Effect film screening at The Mercury Cinema in Adelaide the “Gasfield Free SA-Adelaide Hills Alliance” group formed and quickly recruited 120+ members.


The Protectors movement is growing exponentially - every screening and every action has an effect.

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