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Dr Wayne Somerville


Beautiful Trouble On Facebook  / Website


The Change Agency - People Power Manual


Lock the Gate Alliance - Tips to get active


Networked agency – a blog on how understanding complexity helps collaboration




Shallow Thought, Deep Mind - Dr Wayne Somerville


Gasfield Free Northern Rivers – Richard Deem


The Activists Handbook - Aidan Ricketts


Mining the Queensland Way – Drew Hutton

The Daintree Blockade - Bill Wilkie

Rich Land Wasteland - Sharyn Munro 


This Is An Uprising - Engler and Engler


Doing Democracy - Bill Moyer


The Politics of Nonviolent Action - Gene Sharp


Blueprint for Revolution - Srdja Popovic


Strategy and Soul - Daniel Hunter


People Power manuals (for community organising & strategy) - Pasifika & The Change Agency


Why Civil Resistance Works - Erica Chenoweth





Gasland – Directed by Josh Fox


Fractured Country – Directed by Brendan Shoebridge


Frackman - Directed by Richard Todd

Tunnel Vision - Directed by Ivan Hexter


Black Hole - Directed by Joao Dujon Pereira


Sacrifice Zone – Directed by David Lowe & Eve Jeffries


Pipe Dreams, Fractured Lives  -  Directed by David Smith

Power Trip (UK) – Directed by Paul O'Connor & Zoe Broughton

A force more powerful, a century of nonviolent combat. The methods successfully used to fight back are examined and shown to be carefully crafted and executed.

How to Start a Revolution, Gene Sharp and his influence - Directed by Ruaridh Arrow


Pharaoh vs the Egyptians - Directed by Akmal Saleh / Edited by Brendan Shoebridge


Power of Community (How Cuba survived the oil crisis) - Directed by Faith Morgan


5 Gateways – Into the New Paradigm (the inner revolution) - Directed by Brendan Shoebridge