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You can inspire community action by acting now  >


'I laughed, I cried and I felt so damn proud of what community can achieve'.  Jeanette Martin

The Bentley Effect is best experienced in a group setting with your own community. Therefore we highly recommend hosting a screening of your own. Screenings can be held anytime, at any venue, wherever you are.

You can host a screening to educate your own community, as a fundraiser for your activities, to inspire meaningful community action or simply as a focal point and conversation starter.  

Although the vehicle for this story is the fight against gasfield industrialisation, this film is really about community and what community can do when it stands togetherSo it can be used as a community building tool for any issue really.


If you would like to put on a fundraiser and screen the film at a community venue of your choice (local cinema, hall, theatre, workplace, school, university etc) please select the expected audience size and purchase the corresponding screening licence (see below).


We will send you a DVD to screen and a set of digital resources to help you promote and organise a successful screening. The Screening Kit includes the trailer, posters to customise, Facebook banners and other promotional artwork.


If you wish to show the film at a cinema, a DCP will usually be required. Please email the Bentley Effect team:


*Q&As with the Director and/or lead characters / key campaigners can also be organised. 

Any further queries regarding screenings please contact the Bentley Effect team:



There are various screening licenses depending on 

your intended audience size. It's as easy as 1,2,3,4...

STEP 1: Please select your license option; screening for up to 50,100 or 100+ people. The license fee is a one off payment for a single event screening.*


STEP 2: Follow the prompts to provide us with the information needed to set up your hosting package.

STEP 3: Upon payment and approval of your order we will send you a DVD screening master of "The Bentley Effect" along with your

"How to HOST a BE SCREENING" info pack.


STEP4: Use the "How to HOST a BE SCREENING" info pack as a guide to set up your event.


If you still can't find the set up you're looking for, please email

By purchasing one of our single licensed host packages you enter into our licensing agreement* where the host screens the film for their agreed purposes and agree* not to copy, share or distribute the film themselves.

Your film event can raise awareness and valuable funds to support your community's latest campaigns.

There are many things we can do to support you and help promote your event. Like adding it to our Bentley Effect Screenings website calendar as well as our Facebook Events page, providing marketing materials and media releases.

'An inspiring celebration of the power of community'.

Naomi Tarrant


This is a time for bold action and big thinking.

As a result of a recent Bentley Effect film screening at The Mercury Cinema in Adelaide the “Gasfield Free SA-Adelaide Hills Alliance” group formed and quickly recruited 120+ members. The Protectors movement is growing exponentially and every screening and every action has an effect.

The producers appreciate your support for their work.
As a host you will already understand the importance of supporting independent film making and its place in our ‘must win’ battles. Film making is a costly and time consuming venture. Licensing fees help us service project debts and recoup production costs associated with the film. It also supports further marketing, distribution and administration of the film and helps ensure the film making medium is sustainable for future projects.



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