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We are currently seeking funds

to pay back contributors and for

outreach and impact distribution

so that the film can travel further.

Please support a film that documents

the extraordinary tale of a community

that defied the gas juggernaut.



The Bentley Effect

Dear Friend and valued supporter,


We now have a great feature documentary in the can - and we are inspiring lots of fresh conversation and meaningful action.

But ... its no good having a great film that no one knows about !

Hollywood now spends more money on marketing their films than they do on making them these days. That's because there is so much content to compete with.

So to make sure we are noticed, we are seeking to raise funds for outreach. The Bentley Effect is already being seen as an important document in showcasing social justice, environmental issues and community action.


But the job at hand now is getting it to a wide audience and 

this is where you and your financial contribution will make a massive difference ... impact distribution.    So thank you.

Donations can be made via direct debit to:

Account Name:   Half Smile Productions Pty Ltd      BSB: 728-728     Account Number: 22305846

OR over the counter at any Summerland Credit Union.


Please include your full name in the reference field and email for a receipt.

Direct debit payments to this account are not tax deductible unfortunately.

How are funds used?

Funding has so far been used to contribute towards covering two full time editors, an assistant editor, a consulting producer, hardware, extra filming, travel costs, websites, script consultants, insurances, legals, music composition and music licensing, footage licensing, graphics & animation sequences, sound design, sound mixing, colour grading, mastering and DCP transfers for cinema release, film festival applications, classification fees and facilitating community screenings around the globe.   


After the film premiered at the closing night gala of the Byron Bay International Film Festival late Oct 2016 it went on to win a number of prestigious awards including the Byron Film Award, Best Documentary at Moondance and the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Audience Choice Awards at the Something Somewhere Film Festival and the Earth Day Film Festival and the Award of Excellence and a Special Mention at the 2017 Impact Docs Awards and the Melbourne International Documentary Festival. Most recently it received the highly coveted 'Ellie' Award for Best Editing at the Australian Screen Editors Awards. Brendan and Harriet were thrilled with that one as the competition was fierce. It is still being entered in international film festivals around the globe to help raise the film's profile and the profile of the issue. Meanwhile it continues to inspire global audiences in community screenings and has toured the UK and NZ where it had a big impact on local campaigns.


So with the film now complete, we are now faced with the film's outreach, marketing and impact distribution costs.

The Bentley Effect is spreading a lot of hope and inspiration. However, all this costs money and urgent funds are needed to keep the project moving and get it to a wider audience. Due to a funding shortfall, the project is carrying a considerable debt and we have no funds available for marketing this important work. In the absence of traditional film industry funding we have had to rely solely on philanthropy, crowdfunding and good will. We greatly appreciate all those who have supported the project and seen the value in it.

Please help. With financial aid, this project can continue to be far-reaching and highly successful.

For anyone who values community, democratic process and our environmental responsibility,

this is a philanthropic project worth supporting.

Heartfelt thanks once again to everyone who has supported our project so far.


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